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Towong is known for its beautiful views of the Murray River and the Snowy Mountains.

Some of the best views of the Murray River and the Snowy Mountains together can be seen at Towong, 11km north of Corryong.

The settlement at Towong is home to many families, a number of whom are fortunate to have their hill top homes take full advantage of the area's scenic beauty.

The settlement of Towong was touted as a site for a major town in the Upper Murray in the early 1870s, when the Victorian Land Acts provided many ordinary families with the first real opportunity of property ownership. 

Although the councillors of the Towong Shire had the land at Towong surveyed, Towong's close proximity to the Murray River, and its periodic flooding events, worked against it as the eventual site of choice for a large town development.Come and back a winner at the Towong racemeetings

There is quite a bit to see in the vicinity of Towong.

Travelling north from Corryong, the first point of interest is the Towong Racecourse, which hosts two racing events during the year, one on New Year's Eve and the other, the Towong Cup Races, on the Saturday of the Victorian Labour Day weekend in March.

The Towong Racecourse has a beautiful historic wooden grandstand still in use. Set amongst mature elm trees, this grandstand is the perfect place to sit and watch your horse win.

Horse racing at Towong has been a local favourite sporting event since the early 1870s, when race meetings were opportunities for local landowners, particularly those of higher social standing, to test the breeding genetics of their horses against those of others.The Towong Races - a great day out

The Towong race meetings arean important link to the past, when once a number of the Upper Murray villages held race events of their own for their own entertainment.

These races have also been the launching pad for a number of successful careers in horse racing, including that of steeplechase jockey Billy Murrell (1920s) and trainer Charlie Wheeler, who trained two Melbourne Cup winners, The Parisian (1911) and Patrobus (1915).

Another icon of the Upper Murray is Towong Hill Station, one of the few large properties that can retrace its history back to the days of the early European pioneers. For several generations, the Mitchell family have called Towong Hill Station home.

Towong Hill Station Homestead

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the Murray River  and the Snowy Mountains, the Station Homestead was once the home of Elyne Mitchell, author of many books including the Silver Brumby series.

The Silver Brumby stories, which followed the lives of a family of brumbies, or wild horses, in the Snowy Mountains, have been loved by many readers, particularly children, for many decades. The feature length movie of 'The Silver Brumby', starring Russell Crowe and Caroline Goodall, celebrated its premiere in the Memorial Hall in Corryong in the early 1990s.

Towong Bridge and Murray RiverThe Towong Rest and Camping Area, beside the Murray River and the historic Towong Bridge, is a popular place for picnics, fishing, free camping and swimming, though the current can be quite fast and unpredictable.

Towong is a great holiday destination and several accommodation options, including self contained cottages, are available.

Fishing, cycling and canoeing activities can also be organised from Towong.

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