Murray River and Snowy Mountains view, Towong, Upper Murray

Showcasing 'The Man From Snowy River' Country

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upper murray towns
...indigenous for
 'young man by the water'

Tintaldra is the oldest settlement in the Upper Murray. The Tintaldra General Store, still a commercial business, is heritage listed.

The village of Tintaldra is set beside the Murray River, just upstream of itsjunction with the Cudgewa Creek. It is 23 km from Corryong along the Murray River Road.

Tintaldra Store is the only heritage listed property in the Upper Murray. It has been a commercial business since 1864. Today, it has on display an interesting collection of historical items including a restored bakehouse that once produced fresh bread for the district in the 1930s.

Tintaldra is the oldest village in the Upper Murray.

The Tintaldra General Store, built in 1864, is the oldest commercial shop front business in the Upper Murray.The building has been classified by the National Trust, as a fine example of the pioneer construction techniques using local timber utilised during this period of Australian history .

Betty Walton, the Store's current owner-operator has also restored the oldbakery building behind the General Store. This bakery operated between 1918 and the Second World War. It is available for inspection. A number of photographs of the local area and other memorabilia are also on display in the Store.

The historic Tintaldra Hotel, opposite the General Store, has been in business since 1870. This is the oldest hotel in operation in the Upper Murray. It still retains several of its original features.Across the road from the Store is the Tintaldra Hotel, built in 1870. Though it has been extended and altered over the years, it retains several original features.

A hop, step and a jump from the hotel and store is the swift flowing Murray River and the bridge linking New South Wales and Victoria.

Beside the bridge is a lovely picnic area, so grab some tucker, pick your spot and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The park has several story boards which tell more about the area's pioneer history and there is also a granite block with a plaque dedicated to Christy and Elizabeth Vogel, early pioneers in the village.

Swimming in the Murray at Tintaldra is not advised as the current is very fast and unpredictable.

The current Tintaldra Bridge was constructed in 1959 and is heritage listed for its use of construction technique. The girder of the original bridge is in the foreground.Accommodation in Tintaldra, overlooking the Murray River, can be found at the caravan and camping park, at the hotel or at bed and breakfast accommodation adjacent to the Store. Meals can also be provided by each of these establishments.

Trout love the cold clear waters of the Murray River, so it is no surprise that Tintaldra is a popular place for fishing. Tintaldra has a gravel boat ramp so fish by boat or from the river bank. A NSW fishing license is required for fishing in the Murray River. 

Nearby Cudgewa Creek is a haven for Murray Cod, as these fish love the slightly milder creek temperature. A Victorian fishing license is required for fishing in the Cudgewa Creek. There are various points of public access to the creek along the Cudgewa Valley. Cudgewa Creek is not navigable by boat.

Canoe hire is available in Tintaldra and drop off and pick ups for small groups and individuals is easy to arrange. It is even possible to have lunch provided.

Nearby points of interest

Farran's Lookout, 6km
Beautiful views of the Murray River and Snowy Mountains

Embery's Lookout, 20km
Spectacular panoramic views of the Corryong Valley,
Mt. Elliot and the main range of the Snowy Mountains.
Cudgewa Bluff Falls, 20km
Stunning waterfall, walking tracks and scenic views, Bluff Creek & Blue Gum Camping Areas
Burrowa Pine Mountain National Park, 19km
Free camping, walking tracks
Clarke's Lagoon Reserve, 5km
River reserve, free camping, fishing
Jim Newman's Rest Area, 7km
Views of the Murray River and Cudgewa Valley, picnic tables
Welaregang Golf Course, 6km
9 holes

To learn more about the early history of Tintaldra, please read on.



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