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terms and conditions

  • The following information outlines the terms and conditions for business and community group participation in the Upper Murray Business Directory.
  • To participate in either the print or online versions of the Upper Murray Business Directory (referred to as UMBD), an authorised business representative or community group (referred to as the Customer) representative must read and accept the terms and conditions set out in this document and complete the relevant application form for advert submission.
  • Payment for service will indicate the customer's acceptance of these terms.
  • The UMBD reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

Print Directory

Please readAdverts for the print directory will be offered between July 1 and October 31 the year before the new directory to be printed unless otherwise stated.The print version of the UMBD is an annual publication designed to promote economic opportunities in the Upper Murray. Only adverts that are deemed suitable for family viewing and support the purpose of this directory will be accepted for inclusion.

Please readThe directory is set out in three sections.
-Section 1 is a concise guide to the Upper Murray, including high quality pictures, maps and useful information which may encourage and assist visitors or new residents to do business locally.
-Section 2 is referred to a fast find directory where individual businesses and community groups have the option to list up to 4 different times according to range of goods and/or services the business offers. At present there are 23 different categories subdivided again into applicable sub categories.
-Section 3 lists extended adverts in alphabetical order of business/group trading name.

Please readAminimum of 3000 copieswill be printed.

Please readFree delivery of directories to all postal addresses in the Upper Murrayis included in advert price. The UMBD will endeavour to have the directory distributed to all Upper Murray postal addresses in December of each year, in accordance with Australia Post's unsolicited mail guidelines. Additional copies will be taken to local visitor information centres or given to interested participating businesses for distribution to their customers.

Please readAt present the directory is solely funded by local business participation on a voluntary basis through advert selection, therefore no advert will be published unless payment has been received.

Please readThe directory will be set out using commercial printing program standards, Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Please readPrimary contact numbers of volunteer managed community groupsand essential services are listed at no cost in the fast find section of the print directory. Group contacts will be approached by phone to validate the following year's contact name and phone number. This phone number will be checked once for accuracy. Groups are able to advertise in the directory under the same conditions as individual businesses (listed below), if desired but this will attract equivalent cost.

Please readEach customer needs to select one of five paid advertising size options as set out on application form. The price and size of these advertising options reflect the current base cost of production (materials, labour, basic design work, directory co-ordination, research etc.) and are set at the beginning of July each year for the following year's directory.

Please readAn authorised representative must complete all relevant details on the print advertisement form, and then sign and returned the application to The Upper Murray Business Directory by fax, scan and email or post as set out on application no later than October 31 for the next years directory, unless otherwise specified.

This form will be valid for more than one year, unless the authorised representative changes. Phone and email correspondance may be accepted, in lieu of regular paperwork if both parties (UMBD and participant) both agree.

Please readThe UMBD will design an advertisement in accordance with the customer's request. If the customer would like to use an alternative designer who is familiar with commercial printing requirements, this may also be allowed. The resulting advert must be submitted as a pdf file of the same size dimensions as offered in this directory. Unless familiar with the above programs used by UMBD, it is advisable that the client makes a mock up advert for the UMBD to imitate. Where possible UMBD will do its best to create this design but identical work is not guaranteed. Clients should realise colour variations may occur in the final publication due to the printing process.

Please readCustomers seeking to use images from the internet, not of their own creation, as part of their advert design should be aware that these images are often not high enough in resolution to be transferred to commercial printing. They may also be under copyright and their use is governed by this regulation. The client bears all responsibility for verifying the legal use of any logo, image or other design feature used in their advertisement. Any images to be included in an advert should be 300ppi resolution or submitted in sufficient size to enable conversion, preferably as tiff or jpeg files. Images of lower quality will produce a poorer quality result. The final decision to use the image(s) will be made by the customer, assuming basic printing requirements are met.

Please readA proof advert will be created using instructions sent by the individual business or created by UMBD, if no instruction is given, and then sent to business representative to amend or approve. Where an email address is supplied, email will be used to send proof for comment. Unreasonable extra time spent on advertisement creation may incur additional cost.

Please readOnce the advert is approved, a tax invoice will be generated and sent to the postal address on the application form.The business (or community group) client will be required to pay for advert work prior to the end of October as indicated by the invoice (or by November 2, 2012, if submitted late in October.)

Please readThe advert for the next years directory edition will not be published unless complete payment is received by November 2, 2012 unless otherwise indicated. The UMBD will not publish any unpaid advertisements.

Please use
the information provided in the visitor guide section of the directory
as a guide only.
Every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information but UMBD does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy or misdirection, whether by inclusion or omission.

UMBD does not accept responsibility for subsequent change or withdrawal of services displayed in this directory.Reproduction of text and images used in this website are subject to copyright and is not permitted without written permission of the authorised UMBD representative.

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Online Directory

Please readThe main purpose of the online directory is to promote economic activity in the Upper Murray. With limitless space, the directory will contain stories and extensive information and photographs of the region to help promote the Upper Murray as a quality destination for business activity, to live in or to visit.

Please readBusinesses and community groups can participate by electing to link their own websites with this directory or have a web profile page createdto showcase the business or group until it has its own website.

Please readThe categories used are in line with the print directory and participating businesses or groups can list in up to four different sub categories of their own choice. If a suitable existing sub category does not suit the customer, the UMBD will consider a customer's request for an alternative sub category listing.

Please readA business or community group can elect to participate in either or both of the different directory forms, print or online. Businesses participating in the print directory will automatically have name and phone number placed in online directory in the revelant categories. Community group and contact numbers will also be included automatically.

Please readThe online subscription period is from the date of payment until October 31 of the year ahead or if combined with a print advert, the period between payment date and October 31 of year ahead).

Please readTo keep profile pages up to date, alterations can be made by resubmitting the profile page application with any changes highlighted. Any changes to a business or community group profile page will incur a $55 charge per occasion, payable before alteration is uploaded.

Please readIf the mistake has been made unwittingly online by UMBD, then the fault will be rectified soon after fault has been brought the attention of UMBD at no cost to the customer.
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Funds can be transferred via the internet into The Upper Murray Business Directory bank account

Account Name: The Upper Murray Business Directory
Bank: WAW Credit Union
BSB: 803070
Account No. 100007730

Please enter the invoice number of your tax invoiceoryour business/ group name in the payment description window during payment transfer.
Email The Upper Murray Business Directory to confirm payment for prompt service.

Please readAlternatively,a cheque written out to The Upper Murray Business Directorymust be received and funds cleared prior to or on the due date specified on the invoice for the print advert. For online updates, if immediate uploading of information is required then payment will need to occur with the application submission. Uploading of information to the web will only occur once payment has been completed.
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Please readThe customer bears all responsibility for the accuracy of their advertisement and any copy right or license issues. The customer authorises the UMBD to reproduce all artistic works supplied by the customer to the UMBD for the purpose of the advertisement.

Please readThe UMBD reserves the right not to upload or print information provided by a business or community group or organisationuntil full payment has been received.

Please readThe UMBD will try to ensure that delivery of directories to Upper Murray postal boxes occurs when stated above, but will not be held responsible if delays occur due to the activities of a third party essential to the printing and distribution process.