Murray River and Snowy Mountains view, Towong, Upper Murray

Showcasing 'The Man From Snowy River' Country

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upper murray 
scenic lookouts

The Upper Murray has magical views from many vantage points but there are several dedicated scenic lookouts really worth pursuing and what's more they are readily accessible, by vehicle or by foot.

Amongst the most popular include Farran's Scenic Lookout, Embery's Scenic Lookout, Scammell's Spur Scenic Lookout, the Southern Cloud Memorial Scenic Lookout, Lawrence Scenic Lookout near Shelley and the Ross and Pine Mountain Lookouts.

The view from Farran's Lookout provides a beautiful photo opportunity

Farran's Scenic Lookout
Farran's Lookout
, located on the Murray River Road, 15 kilometres from Corryong and just 4 km from Towong, offers superior views of the Snowy Mountains, the Tooma and Corryong Valleys and the Murray River.

Located above the junction of the Murray River and the Corryong Creek, the lookout is one of the most photographed views of the Upper Murray. It has basic picnic and barbeque facilities, but no toilet facilities.

View of Mt. Elliot and the Corryong Valley from Embery's Lookout in the Mt. Mittamatite Regional Park.
Embery's Scenic Lookout

Embery's Scenic Lookout is a hidden treasure of the Upper Murray. Located near the summit of Mt. Mittamatite in the Mt. Mittamatite Regional Park, this understated lookout possibly offersAUSTRALIA'S BEST panoramic view of the Snowy Mountains.

Overlooking the township of Corryong, Embery's Lookout is accessed, via the Murray River Road, on Ranch Road. The marked turnoff to the lookout is about halfway between Towong and Tintaldra.

A 30 minute cruise along Ranch Road to the lookout will also give visitors other magnificent scenic views of the Corryong, Cudgewa and Murray Valleys.

Basic picnic and barbeque facilities are provided but there are no toilet facilities.

The Mt. Mittamatite Floral Reserve Lookout, a kilometre or so past the Embery's Scenic Lookout turnoff, also offers beautiful panoramic views of the Corryong Valley and the Nariel Valley. It is only accessible by four wheel drive or on foot.

Spectacular view of the Snowy Mountain range from Scammell's Spur Lookout
Scammell's Spur Scenic Lookout

Scammell's Spur Lookout is located 20 km from Khancoban on the Alpine Way. The lookout is well signposted and its car parking area is 300 metres from the signpost turnoff. The lookout is a very easy stroll from the car park.

An information board outlines the history of the lookout, which was built in the 1960s.

Named after an Upper Murray pioneer family who once ran cattle in the area, Scammell's Lookout has a large platform area with a picture board which indicates the names and locations of the Snowy Mountain peaks in view. The highest peak seen from this vantage point is Mt. Townsend.

This western view of the Snowy Mountain range is spectacular at any time of the year but it is especially stunning when the mountain peaks are covered in snow.

As this lookout is located in the Kosciuszko National Park, it is necessary to obtain a park pass from the Kosciuszko National Park Visitor Centre in Khancoban.

Lawrence Lookout has beautiful sweeping views of the Snowy Mountains and Burrowa Pine Mountain National Park.

Lawrence Scenic Lookout

Between Shelley and Berringama on the Murray Valley Highway, there is a signpost marking the Lawrence Lookout turnoff. A 2km journey on an unsealed road through pine plantations leads to the lookout. On a clear day, 360 degree views of this area of the Upper Murray can be enjoyed.

From the Southern Cloud Lookout, there are great views of the Maragle Valley and State Forest.

The Southern Cloud Memorial Scenic Lookout

The Southern Cloud Memorial Scenic Lookout is several kilometres north of Tooma on the Tooma Road to Tumbarumba. The lookout offers magnificent views of the Maragle and Tooma Valleys as well as the Maragle State Forest and a New South Wales Forestry Commission pine plantation.

Set in a landscaped area complete with an attractive covered picnic facility, the lookout also has a series of interpretive story boards which inform readers of the Upper Murray's connection to Australia's first commercial plane disaster in 1931 and the 27 year old mystery of the fateful plane's final destination.

A fantastic display of Southern Cloud memorabilia and stories can be enjoyed in the Tumbarumba Visitor Information Centre, approximately 30 km north of the lookout along Tooma Road.

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