Murray River and Snowy Mountains view, Towong, Upper Murray

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indigenous for cooee-tong, coo-ya-tong-'a place of echoes', or quedong-'frost'

The Koetong Pub has been offering refreshments and accommodation to travellers since the 1870s.

Koetong is found on the Murray Valley Highway, 45 kilometres from Corryong. It is set amongst rolling hills. Native forest, cattle grazing pastures and pine plantations dominate the general landscape.

The only shop front business is the Koetong Pub, which has been offering refreshments, meals and accommodation to locals and travellers from as early as the 1870s.

The Early Days Of Koetong

Koetong was the site of tin discovery in the mid 1860s and, for many years, the number of tin miners around the immediate area fluctuated with tin prices.

In the 1870s the establishment of a regular mail delivery route to the Upper Murray, which travelled through Koetong, together with a steady flow of people and livestock along the main road to the Upper Murray, Koetong became a logical place for the establishment of a hotel.

Travel by horse, either by saddle or carriage, determined the spacing of many villages in the early days of European settlement. Horses could only travel between 12-16 miles a day, so it was common to find refreshment and accommodation businesses, like hotels, set up at these regular intervals.

Between Tallangatta and Corryong during the 1890s there were five hotels along the main road to the Upper Murray (now called the Murray Valley Highway); the Travellers' Rest at Bullioh, the Cambourne, the Victoria and the Koetong Hotels at Koetong and the Wabba Hotel. There may also have been an accommodation/ refreshment house in operation at Berringama.

The Koetong Hotel is historically very significant to the Upper Murray. Of all of the above named hotels, only the Koetong Hotel remains a commercial business.

Having seen its best days, the uninhabited old red brick Wabba Hotel building exists 12 km from Cudgewa along the Murray Valley Highway. It has not operated as a hotel since 1925, when its last owner surrendered the hotel licence at Wabba for a hotel licence for the then newly built Cudgewa Hotel. The other three hotels have been long since been destroyed.

Hancock Plantations manage over 12, 000 acres of pine plantations surrounding the Shelley and Koetong districts.

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