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 ...indigenous for 'bald hill or slate country'

The current Jingellic Bridge provides safe passage over the fast flowing waters of the Murray River.

Literally just a stone's throw away from the Murray River, the small village ofJingellic is a picturesque destination for a camping and fishing holiday.

With a resident population of less than 30, Jingellic really has the most important things needed for this kind of outdoor adventure, including several accommodation choices, a grocery store, that sells fishing licences and supplies and is also the local post office, and a great little pub, with a warm atmosphere and delicious food. 

Really, there is not much more you will need except your laid back attitude.

Nearby Points Of  Interest

Murray River, various entry points
Fishing, swimming, canoeing
Walwa Golf Course, Murray River Road, 2km
9 hole golf course
Neil's Reserve, Murray River Road, 12km
Free camping, fishing

Burrowa Pine Mountain NP
Pine Mountain walking track to lookout, other walking tracks

  River Road
Cycling, scenic views of Murray Valley in either direction from Jingellic

the early days of Jingellic

Jingellic was given its name from an early squatter's run, just like many Upper Murray towns and villages. The area was first held under lease by squatters in the late 1830s.

As early as the 1870s Jingellic was the site of a small commercial punt, providing dry passage over the Murray River between Victoria and New South Wales.

The punt was operated in the 1870s by Alexander Dunn, who had moved to the Redbank area, near Walwa, with his wife Eliza, his three children, Archibald, Eleanor and Margaret and two adopted children, Agnes and Isabella Kersey.

At one point the Dunn family, who had previously been hoteliers at the Freemason's Hotel at Deep Creek, near Beechworth, also operated a small hotel near Walwa.

A Customs House, which housed a Customs Officer entrusted with the role of collecting duties on goods and livestock entering the colony of Victoria, prior to Federation,was once located near the site of the original bridge.

Built in the 1890s, the original Jingellic Bridge was built of wood on iron pylons (pictured).

In the 1880s a government survey, which recorded the numbers of livestock and travelling public using the punts at Tintaldra and Jingellic, was undertaken in order to find which location would be the most appropriate sitefor the construction of an iron bridge.

Though the Tintaldra crossing had more than four times the passing traffic to Jingellic, the government of the day decided that both locations had merit for the construction of a bridge. So, to enable both locations to have a bridge a cost compromise wasThe Jingellic Hotel is a popular place for cold beer and delicious meal all year round. made which resulted in the construction of two timber bridges.

In 1892 the first bridge built over the Murray River in the Upper Murray was completed at Tintaldra.

The original Jingellic Bridge, whose old pylons can still be seen from the free camping reserve, was completed soon after.

The current Jingellic Bridge was built in 1959.

In the shade of old river gums, the Bridge Hotel, Jingellic's popular watering hole and meeting place, was built in 1925.Next door is Jingellic Reserve which has a boat ramp, barbeques and a large area for free camping. 

The Jingellic & District Pastoral, Agricultural & Horticultural Society Show

The year 2013 marks the 86th anniversary of this important community and cultural event.

Aside from tourism, the local economy is supported by its surrounding rural population.

Every year, either the end of February or in early March, the Jingellic and district community from both sides of the border host an annual show at the picturesque leafy Jingellic Show grounds.

In 2013 the Jingellic Show will be held over two days in Marchh.

Show celebrations traditionally begin with a barbeque tea and music concert at the Show grounds on the  night before the Show is held.

At 7am the next morning the Walwa and Jingellic Lions Club provide a scrumptious breakfast of eggs and sausages in bread for early show-goers.

Showjumping is one of the feature events at the Jingellic Show.
What is a Show without a clown? The kids love her.

Corryong College Hospitality Students make good coffee and slices.

The Showgirl and Showboy competitions are hotly contested events.

Attractions at the Jingellic Show


Galloways, Hacks & Show Hunter

Stock horses, welsh pony & cob

Ponies & Children's Riding

Stockman's Challenge


Carcass Competition

Monster Raffle

Pen of 3 lambs
Man Vs Sheep

Beef Cattle


Wool Exhibits

Pet Parade


Dame Laughalot

Showgirl and Showboy

Miss Teen

Camel Drawn Cart Rides

Grand Parade

Lion's BBQ



Dodgem Cars

Vintage Cars & Trucks

Beaut Ute & Feral Ute Competition

Dog Jumps

Country Fair with many stalls

Poets and Writers' Corner

Best Bike


Pavilion Exhibits

& lots more